Deer Park Winery & Auto Museum

Deer Park Auto Museum

The world renown Deer Park Auto Museum tells the story of Americana, centered around a century of automobile production that changed our nation, starting with the carriages of the 1800's through the muscle cars of the 1970's. Featured in the over three buildings of the collection are the "Orphan Cars:"  the Studebakers, Packards, Pierce Arrow, and countless others.  Laugh at the 3-wheeled Messershmitz auto, the "Mad Man Muntz" mobile, the ill-fated "toilet seat" Edsel and the "unsafe at any speed" Corvair.  For real speed, see the Parnelli Jones Indy race car.
1929 Buick Garage

You'll be tempted to spend days viewing the Barbie doll collection, coca-cola memorabilia, vintage radios, TVs, bicycles, household appliances of days gone by, movie icons and entertainment displays from the last century.  Remember computers that needed stacks of punch cards or phonographs spinning at 78 rpm?


The collections at the Deer Park museum are displayed in a setting that is pure Southern California.  The Vintage Vehicle collection, all production cars as you would have seen them down Routes 66 and 101, is the major showcase of American convertibles in the world.

Philco Radios and TV's
50's "new" car show room